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How Can You Help?

Sign the petitions below, contact local government, report the toxic air to

S.C. DHEC and the EPA when you smell or feel it and stay connected on our Community Facebook Page, Carolinians United.

Stripper Petition .png

Ask New-Indy to install and adequate Steam Stripper and Reduce Production. 

We have achieved partial victory. S.C. DHEC ordered New-Indy to install an adequate steam stripper by June of 2025. No order to date has required production limitation until installation. 

Shut NI Petition.png

Shut Down New-Indy Now

While our community does not want to see the business shut its doors, it has been over two years of deception and misrepresentation, even to State Officials. Two years of not doing what is right and being a good neighbor. 

EPA Petition.png

Ask the EPA to bring back the Geospatial Van for Proper Testing at the New-Indy Paper Mill

There are 12 reasons within the petition to show why we need the EPA to re-test. 

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