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Toxic Air in North & South Carolina
Do You Smell That...?
It's the
New Indy
(TM) Paper Mill
in Catawba, SC

Be part of the Solution and Help End the New-Indy(TM) Toxic Pollution.

Recent Updates

  • October 21, 2021 - EPA Alleged Air Violation. Several issues with New-Indy's(TM) fence line monitoring. New-Indy(TM) is not following the EPA approved QAPP Guidelines (Quality Assurance Protection Plan).

  • January 1, 2022 - EPA and New-Indy(TM) enter into a proposed Consent Decree. Giving the Public 30 days to submit a comment on how the toxins have affected them over the last year. Submittal extended until March 11, 2022. 

  • Per paragraph 67 of the proposed Decree, it does not guarantee to bring New-Indy(TM) into Compliance.

  • New-Indy(TM) and the EPA want to allow three treatment options for the Foul Condensate. There is no citation in the MACT standards to allow this.

    • Steam Stripping Equipment, correct way (stripped) to treat toxins from pulp mills. Currently treats approximately 700,000 gallons per day of toxic foul condensate. 

    • Aeration Stabilization Basin via hard pipe. Approximately 432,000 gallons of unstripped foul condensate sent here daily. This basin is unsatisfactory due to New-Indy's(TM) actions before and during the process change.

    • Treating the unstripped condensate sent via hard pipe to the Aeration Basin with Hydrogen Peroxide.

  • New-Indy(TM) has been utilizing the three treatment options above for a few months and we still smell the toxic odor. 

  • Please submit a comment on the proposed Consent Decree. This will show the Judge and the DOJ that the Consent Decree is not good enough.

Air Emission and Health Effects

  • Hydrogen Sulfide

  • Methanol

  • Methyl Mercaptan

  • Dimethyl Sulfide

  • Dimethyl Disulfide

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Particulate Matter

  • Sulfur Dioxide

  • Dioxins/Furans

Hydrogen Sulfide Health Effects


  • Eye redness & Burning

  • Sinus & nasal issues

  • Shortness of breath & wheezing

  • Asthma induction & exacerbation


  • Headaches

  • Memory & concentration difficulties

  • Permanent brain damage

  • Clumsiness & staggering

  • Anxiety & depression

What Happened

  • In September 2020 New-Indy(TM) initiated a major process change from bleached to brown pulp.

  • Increased production (around 30 kappa to 90 kappa).

  • New-Indy(TM) chose a cost savings option of utilizing a hard pipe to send the foul condensate to the aeration stabilization basin (ASB, photo with egg looking machines) and removing the stripping equipment.

  • Maintenance on the primary clarifier caused fiber loading to the aeration stabilization basin.

  • DHEC approved the re-start of the stripping equipment but it only handle approximately half, the rest of the foul condensate is still sent to the ASB.  

  • See photos of lagoon deficiencies. 

  • All causing Hazardous Toxic Odors within a 30 mile radius of Catawba, S.C.

Actions to Date

  •  May - EPA issues 303 Emergency Order. 

  • May - DHEC issues Order to Correct Undesirable Levels.

  • June - Class Action filed and awaiting Judges decision for intervention.

  • July - EPA files Lawsuit & Consent Order with New-Indy. EPA says New-Indy's(TM) fixes are temporary, speculative or inadequate and the community is in imminent danger.

  • September - Alleged Clean Air & Water Act Violation. 

  • October - Extended until December 31, 2021. Gives New-Indy more time.


Get Involved

  • Report the toxic odor to the EPA and DHEC when you smell it. This is the way our officials know it is not fixed yet.

  • Tell your neighbors, friends & family.

  • Call the South Carolina Governor. 

  • Join the Facebook Group above for Community Collaboration. 

  • Stay up to date at the links above.