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Production at the New-Indy Paper Mill in York County, SC

Was New-Indy Over Producing in 2021 when the monitors showed increased limits?

Air dried tons have approximately 10% moisture content per the EPA Permit Guidance Document below. 1,825 Air Dried Tons (ADTP) is equal to 1,642 Oven Dried Tons (ODTP).

ODTP = ADTP * 0.9

ODTP = 1,825 * 0.9 = 1,642/ODTP

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
Testing Result Summary from New-Indy, July 2021

U.S. EPA Permit Guidance Document showing Air Dried (10% moisture content) and Oven Dried with (0% moisture content).

US EPA Enviromental

June 23 - June 25, 2021, New Indy was averaging 2,000 Oven Dried Tons of Pulp daily. Wouldn't that be closure to 2,200 Air Dried Tons when adding in moisture.

US EPA New-Indy SC DHEC South Carolina North Carolina
New-Indy's Toxic Exceedance

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