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Update Mailer for New Indy, GW Contamination, Earth Day Peaceful Protest, GoFundMe & More.

Please feel free to download the Update below and distribute it to your neighbors, local officials, community leaders, state and local governments, and other relevant parties. A second page displays test maps.

February 2023, New Indy is accused of breaking both the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act in the lawsuit 0:23-cv-00602-SAL that was filed in 2023. Dioxins/Furans levels in nine samples collected near the Catawba River exceeded the Toxic Equivalent (TEQ) for Risk-Based Residential Screening Level for Groundwater Protection (soil, sludges, and seeps). Dioxins and furans are above Toxic Equivalent Exceedances (TEX) in four ground water monitoring wells. The Catawba River and the contaminated groundwater are hydrologically connected, and the groundwater is flowing in the direction of the river. Copper, Mercury, and Lead contamination in soil exceeds EPA RSL's for Groundwater Protection (MCL-Based). The Residential Screening Level (RSL) for Protection of Groundwater (SM&E) for Cobalt was found to be exceeded in the 2019 report. In 47 wells, or 65% of the sampled wells, cobalt levels were higher than the EPA's tap water RSL of 6 g/L for groundwater. (Elrod Pope and Team).

New Indy Update Mailer 3-20-23
Download PDF • 481KB

Peaceful Protest

When: Saturday, April 22, 2023, Earth Day

Time: 11:00 am

Where: Corner of Del Webb Blvd & Hwy 521

Indian Land, SC Outside of Sun City

Zeolite Explained

Thank you to all of our group Rock Stars!

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